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Presiding Circuit Judge: Keith M. Sutherland
Associate/Administrative Drug Court Judge: Wesley C. Dalton
Drug Court Commissioner: Carla W. Tanzey
Administrator: Christie Becker-Markovich

Mission Statement: The 12th Judicial Circuit Drug Court, with wisdom and integrity, shall reduce crime and its impact upon our community by facilitating the behavioral change from criminal defendant to productive, responsible and pro-social citizen, utilizing a proven system and method of substance abuse treatment.

scalesMissouri Drug Courts Work…
75% of Criminal Drug Court graduates never see another pair of handcuffs…

In 20 years since the first Drug Court was founded, there has been more research published on the effects of Drug Courts than on virtually all other criminal justice programs combined.

The scientific community has put Drug Courts under a microscope and concluded that Drug Courts work. Better than jail or prison. Better than probation and treatment alone. Drug Courts significantly reduce drug use and crime and are more cost-effective than any other proven criminal justice strategy.

Please direct all correspondence for all Counties to:

Christie Becker-Markovich
12th Judicial Circuit Diversion Court
104 West Main Street, Suite G
Warrenton, MO 63383
636-456-7136 ext 2
636-456-0605 FAX